Mcintosh Scholarship Doubles Its Value
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The 2009 applicants for the Wally McIntosh Memorial Scholarship will benefit from a revision to the scholarship’s structure, notably doubling its cash value.  Even better news is that rather than selecting a single recipient, judges will pick two candidates to receive the award.  By doubling the value and opening it up to two candidates rather than one, OSM effectively quadruples the award.  

Named for Wally McIntosh the widely-respected former OSM president who died during his term of office on Sep. 2, 1982, the scholarship pays tribute to a man who admired all aspects of learning and was known for his motto: ‘Be the best you can be’.  The award was first established to assist daughters and sons of OSM employees who excelled in their high school studies and were heading off to university to further their education.

According to its previous rules, the scholarship was awarded to a student entering an Ontario university who possessed the highest grade point average among eligible applicants and who demonstrated leadership qualities outside the classroom.  Thanks to the 2009 OSM revision, scholarship funding will apply to any university the recipient chooses.  The adjudicating panel, OSM members serving on the Education and Training Committee will evaluate candidates according to five criteria in equal measure, rather than being confined mainly to candidates’ academic standing.  The new criteria include academic achievement, academic extra-curricular activity, community activities, leadership qualities and employment history.  Aware that the cost of gaining higher education has risen substantially since the scholarship fund was first created in 1983, OSM’s decision to increase the value of the Wally McIntosh scholarship signals its own commitment to excellence in the field of education, perpetuating the spirit of its namesake.